WMILL_YogaRmMy yoga space for two weeks!

Day two at Watermill 


After a couple hours of sleep following a very long couple of days I got up and searched for a meditation spot. On the 2nd floor where the dorms are a large window faces the sunrise and big white pillows lay on the floor. Perfect! As the sun came up I could hear the snow melting on the roof. It’s nice and quiet here. Next, a Yoga and Tai Chi space.

Watermill houses Robert Wilson’s extensive art collection of over 7,000 pieces for research, study, and inspiration. comprised of pieces ranging from 5000bc to contemporary work, the collection embodies the whole of human experience and traditions in all their diversity, and can become the springboard for the work of resident artists. The collection is integrated into every part of watermill and defines each living and working space. as they work among the collection, watermill’s resident artists and visitors are challenged to open their horizons to new practices or ideas. Needles to say I found the perfect spot for Sun Salutations.

After breakfast and blogging we headed into town for supplies. A big North Easter storm was rolling in so we wanted to be prepared. Returning to the center I got down to the business of incorporating the sounds I made the night before into the show. Kenneth hunted for art works that could enhance the piece and the staff hauled them in. After the sun went down we roamed the grounds for interesting places to shoot video during the storm!!. All kinds of art grace the land scape. With more than a few ideas and anticipating the coming storm we began to lay extension chords in the snow for lighting. Back inside Alaina and I made dinner. (Grilled Lamb, Herb Pasta and Salad!) Than after dinner I fired up the sound system and we Jammed!!!. The snow started to come down around 2 am and the crew braved the storm to get some beautiful footage.