As a child of the 60s I grew up with the Kennedy, King and X assassinations, mega celebrity crash and burns (Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Jones) civil rights, student protests, racial riots, police brutality, Vietnam body/ kill counts on the 6 o’clock news and nuclear annihilation on the horizon. I remember asking myself as a kid, what the hell am I doing here and who who the hell are these people?? So I never bought into the nationalism, commercialism, consumerism or any other of the┬ámillion isms that most people seem to need to have an identity. Instead I went under, peripheral, minimal, DYI, punk, street, squat, low fi, irreverent, irrelevant, on the outside and off the books. I went from a Sound System in a bus, a drum kit in a van, amps and guitars in taxis, a gig bag on a bicycle, a laptop in a backpack to a harmonica in my pocket. By the deconstruction of my work I was attempting to deconstruct the world I lived in. I was searching for something that was hidden within everything else. For what at first I wasn’t sure. The Truth? No. Too subjective. Beauty? Nope. Too moody. God? Nah, too easy. Love,,,? Maybe but that still felt,, incomplete. I was searching for the essence behind all these things. The source. No not the sauce!!!! The Source! That was it. But what is it? Exactly. WHAT is IT???? Ahhh, a mystery…… I liked it. I can dance around a mystery. Sing to it. Paint on it. Shine a big bright spotlight on it and still not know what it is. I loved it. It was beautiful. Honest. Empty…..

Thank you Watermill, Robert Wilson, Kenneth Collins, Scott Fetterman, Alaina Ferris, Will Morgan and the Ideal Glass crew. I am very happy to be here.